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    Ascent CRS is a full-service CRO that provides the entire range of clinical research services from Phase I-II-III to Proof of Concept to Bioequivalence studies.

We are Ascent. We know clinical trials.

ASCENT is a clinical research group whose core activities are Phase I/IIa, Proof of Concept and Bioequivalence studies in numerous patient populations, conducted in dedicated hospital based clinical pharmacology units in Russia. All clinics perform according to same SOP systems.

ASCENT offers Sponsors exceptional fast recruitment rates for patient populations in the following therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Respiratory, Neurology, Infectious diseases, Immune diseases, Gastro Intestinal, Urology, Kidney diseases, Liver diseases, Oncology.

Our staff has proudly contributed to more than 300 projects in Phase I to III over the last 10 years, most of them for the leading 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

We're also very experienced in complex exploratory protocols (intensive PK/PD) with long patient confinement.


ASCENT has the expertise to manage complex projects, for which challenging logistics, rare patient groups and experienced medical staff are required & supported by a modern Phase I infrastructure.


ASCENT CRS has opened a new Phase I unit within the Russian Academy of Science Hospital


On August, 9 2011 SynRG Orange Paper has been released, the quarterly analytical report on the clinical trial market in Russia. The report contains data covering various aspects of the Russian clinical trial market.