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    Ascent CRS is a full-service CRO that provides an entire range of clinical research services from Phase I and Proof of Concept to Phase III-IV and Bioequivalence studies.

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Phase I

Early phases are what we’ve been doing since the beginning.

Most of the trials we’ve completed have been in the early phase of product development.
Over the years we’ve gained a lot of experience in conducting complex, procedurally intensive Phase I clinical trials. We have done pilot and proof of concept trials, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic trials, trials in healthy volunteers and first-in-man oncology trials in end-stage patients.

Even though each clinical trial brings new challenges and has to be seen from an individual perspective, we aim to provide consistently high level of services. With expertise in early phase clinical research, bioanalytical and PK/PD modeling & simulation, we incorporate scientific excellence and product development strategy in all that we do.

We provides comprehensive early phase trials services through our own hospital-based clinical units in Russia and Georgia. We’ve carefully selected and built our own facilities so that they all provide ICH-GCP compliant services in clinical trials and are equipped with dedicated professional english-speaking investigator team, intensive-care department, latest equipment, reserve power generators, air conditioning.

In order to ensure the consistency in quality in all our locations, we’ve implemented centralised common standard operating procedure (SOPs). We also have had the chance to have many audits during the years, and these have helped us to continuously improve our SOPs.

Due to some legal restrictions, early phases in healthy volunteers are only allowed for russian pharmaceutical companies. Clinical trials in patients are allowed in Russia for companies from all over the world.

We’ve happy to provide full-service assistance and conduct trials in:
⁃ healthy volunteers in Georgia
⁃ patients in Russia & Georgia

9 years of our experience in clinical trials we have gained stellar expertise to streamline execution of:

⁃ First-in-human studies

⁃ Efficacy / dose finding studies

⁃ Studies with long confinement and complex PK/PD schedules

⁃ Drug-drug interaction studies

⁃ Studies on biomarkers

⁃ Biologics and new chemical entities

⁃ Combined protocols (combining multiple cohorts to answer several questions in one study)


Through our broad network of investigator and academic site we can grant access to a diverse volunteer and specialized patient databases. Patients we provide can readily participate in both confined and out-patient studies.


We have enabled biopharmaceutical and generic companies of all sizes to advance their molecules through clinical development and commercial launch.