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    Ascent CRS is a full-service CRO that provides an entire range of clinical research services from Phase I and Proof of Concept to Phase III-IV and Bioequivalence studies.

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Phase II & Proof of concept

Phase II and Proof of Concept studies are mainly conducted in targeted patient populations and are designed to demonstrate early signals of a product’s efficacy.

Maintaining patients safety as the main concern while adhering to the strict deadlines and realistic budget is how we see the cornerstone of Sponsors needs.
Our goal is to stick to these principles by finding right patients in no time, providing an experienced and certified teams of investigators and monitors while avoiding excessive costs of late phase trials.

Our highly skilled team will ensure your trial receives the required scientific, therapeutic, and regulatory expertise to design and implement Phase II & Proof of Concept studies for new drug entities across a broad range of therapeutic indications.

Collaboration with key Universities and Medical centres in Russia & Georgia helps crafting customised solutions that:

✓ help addressing the most demanding drug development challenges with great confidence
✓ grants an enhanced access to study participants with special indications, especially in cancer and cardiovascular areas

With locations like Russia and Georgia with total population around 150 million people we’re able to overcome limitations of recruiting special patient groups across a broad range of therapeutic indications in a very short time frame.

We provide our partners with proven strategies that help save time by conducting First in Men studies in Georgia and shortly after conducting First in Patient studies in Russia & Georgia.

For all of our Phase II / Proof of Concept trials we provide a full-service package as well as customized solutions, which may include medical writing, regulatory services, study management, study monitoring, clinical data management, statistical expertise in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses.


We maintain strong relationships with proven & established, quality-driven Phase I-II centers, that promotes greater collaboration, reduces costs, and speeds the delivery of trial results.