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    Ascent CRS is a full-service CRO that provides an entire range of clinical research services from Phase I and Proof of Concept to Phase III-IV and Bioequivalence studies.

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Tbilisi Phase I unit


Georgia Phase1 unit

Our Phase I unit is located in the leading georgian medical center - Chapidze Emergency Cardiology Center.

Chapidze Heart Center is situated in Tbilisi and is the first ever hospital which is built in joint collaboration of Georgia and Germany. The main specialization of this institution lies in Cardiology, Angiology and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases.

Chapidze Heart Center is Georgia’s leading heart hospital that offers a comprehensive range of services for patients of all ages. Thus attracting a massive number of patients.

The Ascent unit is fully dedicated to exploratory clinical Phase 1 & 2 trials in various patient populations.

It's equiped with 8 Intervention (surveillance) beds in with ICU in the same building with elevator that leads directly into the intensive care department.

Our team there consists of experienced staff (physicians, nurses) with ICH-GCP certificates and an internationally well-known Georgian investigator.

Patients are under the supervision of a specially assigned responsible physician during the whole night. Meal for patients is served in dedicated areas under the supervision of the study personnel.

This unit is fully dedicated to the perform complex exploratory clinical trials Phase I / II/ PoC in patients. This implies intensive PK/PD schedules, long hospitalization, invasive and non-invasive interventions.

The hospital disposes of a 24 / 7  security services with a very strict access control to the hospital area.

The study medication is kept in dedicated drug storage rooms equipped with freezers all the necessary technology.

Thanks to our deep connections with the main medical centers and professionals in the region, we can ensure unsurpassed speed in both healthy volunteers and patients recruitment incl. interventional cardiology, oncology, endocrinology.

Chapidze Heart Center actively cooperates with leading clinics and research centers worldwide: in Germany, USA, Austria, Russia, Turkey, etc.

Among them the most significant collaboration has been established with Bad Krozingen Heart Center – „Herz-Zentrum Bad Krozingen“. This long-term cooperation started in 1994 and as a result of successful and mutually beneficial collaboration the first Georgian-German Heart Center has been established recently. Medical staff undergoes training at Bad Krozingen Heart Center in Germany on a regular basis. Chapidze Center has also developed strategic partnership with Freiburg University and German Heart Center in Berlin.