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    Ascent CRS is a full-service CRO that provides an entire range of clinical research services from Phase I and Proof of Concept to Phase III-IV and Bioequivalence studies.

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Clinical trials in Russia

Russia map

Russia has always been one of the most attractive regions for conducting clinical trials. This is justified by a number of advantages:

Population size of more than 140 million people, providing access to a large potential pool of mostly treatment naive clinical trial subjects
▪ Wide selection of high-quality investigational sites with a developed referral network of physicians
ICH-GCP principles incorporated into legislation
Rapid recruitment with low drop-out rates: Patient recruitment rates in the region is up to 10 times higher than in US and EU
Savings: average cost per patient in Russia is 28% lower than in Western Europe and 57% than in the US
Exceptional level of investigators qualification for conducting clinical trials. All of the investigators are medical doctors, speak English fluently, attend international conferences, and are members of European and American professional societies. Needless to say all of the investigator team members are ICH-GCP certified. Over 60% of clinical investigators have PhD degrees with 40% of them also working at major Medical Universities.

Over the last 10 years, most of the major international pharmaceutical companies have conducted large late phase trials in Russia, and continue to select Russia as one of their proven destinations for clinical trials thanks to high quality of execution and unparalleled rapid recruitment rates.

There’re also certain geographical benefits that Russia has: it’s close to Europe (less than 3 hours of flight from Frankfurt), it has an experienced and stable regulatory environment and a FDA-acknowledged clinical research history.

Our dedicated Phase I clinical units are located in Moscow which is the biggest European city with a population of 15 Million. Large network of sites and investigators all over Russia helps us fulfil requirements of the most demanding protocols.

We are proud to be a pioneer in performing early clinical development studies in Russia and continue medical research progress by bringing together patients, physicians and pharmaceutical companies to the joint endeavor of extending the knowledge of medicine.

Ascent offers a comprehensive set of services to the companies targeting Russian pharmaceuticall market. Since 2007 we have conducted more than 100 Phase I-II trials and more than 50 bioequivalence studies in Russia.

Whether you are looking for assistance with medical writing, regulatory submissions in Russia, early phase studies, studies in generics, require a full range of clinical trial services, we will provide you with all support you need.