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    Ascent CRS is a full-service CRO that provides an entire range of clinical research services from Phase I and Proof of Concept to Phase III-IV and Bioequivalence studies.

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Moscow BE unit


Our unit for exploratory and therapeutic clinical studies is located within the Russian Academy of Science Hospital in Troitsk, Russia (20 km far from Moscow). Hospital has 270 in-patient beds and covers multi-therapeutic areas including internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, oncology & radiotherapy, surgery, urology, orthopedics, EET.

Ascent CRS performs clinical pharmacology activities in dedicated department for clinical trials equipped with 30 intervention beds. These wards are located in a newly renovated floor with a separate entrance for the study patients.

During times of high investigational activity the subjects remain in intervention beds. Additional beds for overnight stays are available based on a flexible agreement with the hospital administration. We have the ability to perform Phase I/II and BE studies with long confinement.

Our clinical pharmacology team at this location consists of MD and PhD investigators, dedicated physicians, nurses, technicians and a site management.

Immediate emergency care is provided by the ICU teams 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week.

Safety is our number one priority and we ensure that all necessary systems are in place to achieve this.

Unit is suitable for the performance of complex biomarker trials.

State-of-the-art clinical pharmacology equipment is available (ECGs, blood pressure monitors, freezers -20, -80, cooling centrifuges, etc.).

The hospital disposes of a 24 /7 security services with a very strict access control to the hospital area.

Patients are under the supervision of a specially assigned responsible physician during the whole night. The meals for patient volunteers are served in dedicated areas under the supervision of the study personnel.